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Here at EAP PVA Direct our main field of industry is PVA and it has been since 1980. We are the pioneers of PVA for use in fishing and also the first company in the world to produce anti ladder PVA mesh, so we should know a thing or two about PVA.

PVA is welled from the ground a bit like oil. Initially it is yellow in colour so therefore needs to be treated to make it more appealing to the eye and make it the white colour we all know it to be.

Many of the cheaper inferior PVA products in fishing originate from Chinese sources, these materials are cheap because they’re treated with various bleaching agents, which increase the Ph levels of the materials to acidic levels.

EAP’s PVA is treated with a revolutionary process only used in medical grade PVA.( The same standard as the medicine capsules you swallow).  Therefore ALL of our PVA products are neutral 7.0 Ph.

This process is more expensive than using harsh chemicals but is more essential for use in fishing than you might think!

Improve your catch rates! Here is some thing every carp angler needs to know.

When PVA is either acidic or alkaline, as it breaks down into its component parts it sinks back into the ground.

NOW, Imagine a carp with senses 200 times stronger than our own, sucking all the silt gravel or other lake surface up, tasting something that resembles battery acid.

Yes, you got it. It will move on immediately and refuse the bait. In the 4 decades we have worked with PVA we have observed carp spooking from bad quality PVA!!!

We have also observed carp eating our medical grade NEUTRAL Ph PVA. So improve your catch rates today, use the right PVA. We have lost count of the amount of WORLD RECORD CARP caught while using our products. Trust us!

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