2-in-1 Plunger (Fits Std + Bl)


2-in-1 Plunger (Fits Std + Bl)


  • Specifically designed for use with our PVA Mesh systems.
  • Makes easy work of compressing baits into small, tight packages.
  • Ideal for fishing the devastating ‘dynamite stick’ method or for range casting.
  • Fits neatly into our PVA Dispenser systems so it can be easily found whilst saving space at the same time.
  • Each unit has 2 different size heads, so no need to carry multiple items.

Standard (Std) size – 36mm
Boilie (Bl) size – 25mm

SKU – E023

SKU: E023
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Key to Abbreviations:

Std = Standard (wide)
Bl = Boilie (Narrow)
Sk = Skini

Weight 34 g
Dimensions 250 × 40 × 35 mm

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