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Elite Angling Products PVA Range is widely used by Angling Professionals and Carp Enthusiasts Worldwide. The range, which features our PVA Mesh/Micromesh (Slow and Fast Melt as well as Hex Mesh), PVA Strings (PVA String, PVA Thread, PVA Kord, PVA Mesh Tape and PVA Kwik Fix Cable) and Solid PVA Bags together with Carp Rigs and other Accessories is, in our view, the best quality and value your money can buy. But don’t just take our word for it, see what some of our famous clients have to say.

Tony Kenrick user view

I wouldn’t be without Elites PVA in my fishing armoury. It’s definitely been one of the main factors to help me catch Big Carp ! 100% reliable and easy to use.

Tony Kenrick Customer
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I’ve been using Elite Angling’s PVA products for some years now. It ensures me a perfect presentation regardless which bait I use. I use the slow melt for all my applications.

Eric Smith Customer

It’s the best I’ve ever used and my ONLY choice in PVA mesh. Its the muts nuts.

Martin Locke Customer
Rod Hutchinson user view

It does what it says on the packet. Seriously the cleanest, quality PVA at a great price!

Rod Hutchinson Customer
John Lilley

I can honestly say that Elites pva products definitely help me in my fishing, especially having the option for the slow melt in the summer and fast melt in the winter, They are extremely good products that I have personally used for many years.

John Lilley Customer
Max Cottis user view

I’ve been using Elite Angling’s… Slow Melt Micromesh PVA mesh at Rainbow for more than 8 years and I wouldn’t use anything else. Extremely strong, it allows me to lower my rig into position and move it around to lay the rig out safe in the knowledge that it remains intact for several minutes before dissolving completely leaving zero residue giving me 100% confidence in my presentation!

Max Cottis Customer
Graham Slaughter user view

I have been using Elite’s Slow Melt Mesh for extreme range fishing and casting into weed for some time. It is without doubt the strongest and finest PVA I have used.

All of Elite’s Terminal Products are Pure Quality – nothing more, nothing less”

Featured are Graham’s Record Brace; (L) is Graham’s 69lb Common Carp and (R) is Graham’s 88lb 6oz Mirror Carp – both caught using EAP Slow Melt Mesh.

Graham Slaughter with his World Record Carp Brace Holder
Karl Hopkins user view

Elite’s PVA Products are, in my opinion, probably the best on the market. They never fail to perform even in the most extreme situations. 100% Reliable & Designed by Anglers for Anglers. Get some in your bag today – catch more fish.

Karl Hopkins Product consultant, Big fish hunter & Owner of Elite Angling Products
Lee Jackson user view

No ‘gunky’ residue, total dissolve, strong to withstand hefty casts, fine mesh for the smallest of baits, economical, thoughtfully packaged – Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter – definitely the best and most reliable PVA that I’ve ever used.

Lee Jackson The Tackle Box and a Former British Carp Record Holder says of Elite Angling PVA Products (Micromesh)
Neil Smith user view

Within the Elite range you will find a PVA product for all your fishing situations.

Neil Smith Manager Carp Journalist

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